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Silcar International is a proven and respected market-leading PVC Window and Door manufacturer whose assembly facility is located in Romania. Silcar historically manufactured and distributed it’s finished products largely in the home market but increasingly over the last number of years, it has broadened it’s scope to a wider range of clients in Europe-hence the creation of Silcar International. Silcar has grown and developed over a period of 25 years and prides itself on customer satisfaction which is reciprocated with multiple repeat orders from satisfied clients over a number of years.


Coupled with the significant expansion of its production facility Silcar has also grown the client base in conjunction with a number of distribution partners. Silcar now considers itself a Pan-European manufacturer and distributor with repeat clients from Austria, France, Italy, Germany and Switzerland as well as the existing client base in the local market.


Silcar International manufactures its windows and doors using market leading German profiles - Profine (TROCAL and KOMMERLING). The hardware and mechanisms are being sourced and supplied from Roto NT in Germany and Maco hardware and locking mechanisms from Austria. Silcar’s high grade locking and security mechanisms from CE certified manufacturers assures all clients peace of mind, knowing that the latest and highest rated locking systems are fitted to all Silcars windows and doors.


The Silcar range of windows and doors come in a wide variety of frame depths and colours to suit each client’s building envelope specifications and are available in either PVC, or PVC coupled with the Aluclip cladding aluminium profile which combines the advantages of both materials in one structural element.


Silcars range of windows and doors are fitted with St. Gobain double and triple glazed glass units which are also produced at our glass production factory located in close proximityto the window and door manufacturing facility. All glazed units are fitted with St. Gobain “Planitherm” low E energy efficient double glazed and triple glazed units. Planitherm is a new generation of energy saving window glass that uses an advanced metallic coating on the interior that reflects heat from radiators or fires back into the room, rather than allowing it to escape through the windows. At the same time it allows free heat and light energy from the sun to pass through the glass, warming your home and further contributing to the energy efficiency of your windows resulting in lower energy bills when compared to current standard windows.


The Units are internally glazed for maximum security for the European mainland, British and Irish Markets.


As both the window and glass production facilities are located in close proximity, Silcar can deal quickly with a client’s revised variation order for whatever reason. This express manufacturing facility can deliver a revised schedule of windows and or doors within a few days depending on how critical the clients requirement is for a particular project.


Silcar's windows and doors are designed using only lead free PVC profiles with up to 7 internal chambers to ensure maximum energy efficiency. 

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