TROCAL 76 AD system

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TROCAL 76 AD system

Provider: TROCAL

TROCAL remains a window pioneer. More than 50 years after the creation of the first PVC window in the production line, TROCAL comes with an elegant design and a new technology in the field setting new limits. View details

  • 5 chamber profile;
  • Possibility of an extra chamber (6th chamber), made of innovative reinforcement from the sash;
  • Stylish design with straight edges;
  • Additional gasket inside on sash for optimal thermal insulation;
  • Thermal transfer coefficient Uf = 1.1 W / mpK;
  • 24 mm of double glazing or 48 mm of triple glazing;
  • Ideal for security, ornament windows, double and triple glazing windows;
  • Mounting depth 76 mm;
  • Excellent price-quality ratio;
  • Rectangular reinforcements for special applications;
  • The Trocal 76 AD system is the same as the Kommerling 76 AD system;
  • The possibility of using a 2.5 mm thickness reinforcement to achieve superior construction dimensions;

The TROCAL 76 system with a 76 mm construction depth is the best profile system in its class, with a thermal transfer coefficient Uf = 1.1 W / mpK.

- Superior anti-burglary protection made by special shaped metal fittings. The fixing of the window sash hinges are made by several PVC profile walls and the hinges on the frame are fixed in a design area for pull-out resistance. The maximum resistance class obtained is RC 2 (WK 2);

- Perfect weather protection due to coextruded seals. The sealing of the middle gasket is improved by overlapping 4.5 mm on the sashes; Thus the weather resistance (air, wind, water) reaches higher values: 1350 Pa for the two-wing window with 1576 x 2500 mm and 1950 Pa for the window in a wing (1176 x 2576 mm);

- Increased durability from Ca-Zn stabilizers;

- 76 mm mounting depth allows energy gain similar to 88 mm deep profiles;

- Excellent price-quality ratio by offering a system with technical characteristics specific to the 88 mm upper profiles, but at a price very close to the 70 mm custom profiles;

- Easy cleaning due to the glossy surface of the PVC profile and the gaskets integrated in PCE or EPDM profile in gray on the white system or black on the COLOR system;

TROCAL 76 AD, like all other Profine systems, is completely recyclable due to the Green Calcium-Zinc ecological formula being certified GreenLine. Windows and doors are an integral part of the space we live in day by day and make a decisive contribution to its character, personality and safety, so before choosing a particular system, it is good to document you in detail and be sure that you have done the perfect choice .

It is available in a wide range of colors. In the standard (at the same price) we stock Golden Oak, Mahon, Wenge, Walnut and Gray Anthracite.

A wide range of other colors are also available. For more information please consult our color palette!

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