7-star TROCAL 88 MD window - with 3 sealing gaskets

Our recommendation for increased thermal comfort

  Published at: 04 August 2017

  • The 7-chamber TROCAL 88 MD profile, 100% ecological, 88 mm depth;
  • 3 sealing gaskets for thermal comfort and enhanced sound insulation;
  • MACO Multimatic hardware - against wrong sash manipulation + micro ventilation in standard;
  •  52 mm thickness thermal insulation in standard;
  • Thermal transfer coefficient for frame Uf = 0.95 W / m² * K;
  • Window heat transfer coefficient of up to Uw=0.72 W / m² * K (for glass package with "Thermix" spacer  and special filler foam elements);
  • the reinforcement has 2.5 mm of thickness in standard, for colour profiles;
  •  Permanently in stock the colors: Golden Oak, MAHON, Walnut, WENGE, Anthracite Grey. 

For more product details, please visit this product page.

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